Auction Rules

  1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  2. Anyone appearing to be under the influence of any controlled substance and/or found in possession of an illegal substance or firearm will be excluded from the sale.
  3. All vehicles purchased MUST BE paid for within one hour after the sale.
  4. All vehicles purchased are charged 8.1% tax. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  5. All vehicles must be removed from the premises by 5:00 PM. City ordinance (VMC 6.12) does not allow sale vehicles to be parked on the street.
  6. No vehicle repair and/or garbage(or debris) removal will be preformed on the premises.
  7. Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (this includes anything ON or IN vehicles).
  8. One person per bidder number. Paperwork will be filled out in bidder’s name. No numbers are to be shared. No names changes on our paperwork.
  9. All vehicles must be titled within 15 days per Washington State Law.
  10. NO pets allowed on property.
  11. Children must remain with a supervising ADULT at all times.
  12. Entering this property is at your our risk.
  13. All vehicles are sold “AS IS”. ALL ITEMS within the vehicle purchased are yours, and must leave with you.
  14. CASH SALE ONLY! No checks or credit cards are accepted.
  15. Show respect for the auctioneer & other employees. NO TALKING during the auction.
  16. IF the WINNING BIDDER defaults, the second bidder will be responsible for the vehicle. The defaulting bidder will be excluded from future auctions.
  18. NO BACK PACKS or large bags will be allowed on the premises.


  1. All boats, Dollies and some trailers are personal property…A Bill of Sale on company letter head will be issued for proof of sale for lien.
  2. Vehicle may be marked as a “Salvage” title. These vehicles stay marked with the D.O.L’s system upon titling (AVR’s only cancel Registered and Legal Owners and NOT flags).
  3. Vehicles involved in accidents may be reported by the impounding law enforcement agency as a “Salvage” or “Wrecked” vehicle.
  4. It is EXTREMELY important to title vehicles within 15 days of purchasing.
  5. I have read and understand the above rules. I understand that if I break one or more of these rules, I will be asked to leave the premises and not be able return for future auctions. I furthermore understand that if I do return, I will be considered a criminal trespasser and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.